DVD Self-Taught Reading Program

You will be receiving 4 DVD discs with a complete self-taught reading program (beginner to adult).  You will also be receiving 2 CDs with a self-taught spelling program to learn 1680 of the most used words in the English language.  The spelling CDs include from one to five syllable words. Children will not be able to complete the list of spelling words. This is the “one and only” phonetic reading program you will ever need to purchase!  Just put the DVD discs in your computer, or in your DVD player.  Pick the sections you need to learn! Study in the comfort of your home!

Even though our reading program is for all ages… over 85% of our customers are adults! Spelling is also a major part of the DVD reading program. Everything in our program is done as simply as possible.  The pictures “are not” directed towards children.  As far as we know, everyone seems to enjoy the pictures!

We learn faster with pictures! This “viewing of sounds” is an “extra medium of learning”, and it speeds up the learning process!  An easy to remember picture “has been created” for each sound.  Now, you can remember a difficult sound with a picture!

Finish the program in 3 weeks!  There are 21 sections, so try to complete one of the 21 sections each day. We have to assume that a customer needs to learn everything about putting phonetic sounds together, so everything phonetic is included… starting with the vowels.  Even teachers who buy our program are amazed when they discover something they did not know.  Some sections can be completed in less than 30 minutes.  Depending upon what you already know, will determine how long each section will take.

Each section has instant answers. There are tests at the end of each section.  You will always know what you, or the person you are teaching, need to learn!  You always have the opportunity to “go back” to pass a test.  After 21 sections, you will be done!  You now have learned all the phonics you will ever need to know! 

The goal of our program is to help a person read a word they never have seen in print.  Our program will teach you all the phonetic sounds, when vowels are short or long, and where to divide your word.  You will now be able to pronounce new and more difficult words.  When you are having less difficulty pronouncing words, your reading speed and comprehension will improve.

So take one section a day, and you will finish in 3 weeks!  Our program is like putting the “puzzle of sounds” together. Have fun as you put together the words you were not able to read.  Enjoy reading!

Beginner-Adult Phonics!

1. 4 DVDs / Complete Self-Taught Reading Program

2. 2 CDs / Free Self-Taught Spelling Program / Spelling Correction sheets

3. Grade level test / grade level words

4. Information Sheet

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